22-23 January

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Iran Customs Conference Hall

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200 tickets

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December 31

About Iran customs

 The Islamic Republic customs intends, to develop activities as well as upgrade and improve the process of foreign commerce ,

hold a conference entitled Customs and New Commerce  (ICCNC).

 Due to special circumstances and issues facing the country, considering the vital role of customs in foreign commerce , using a network of local and foreign thinkers and experts and taking advantage of these people’s capacities and knowledge, It will be the priority  of first International Conference Customs and New  Commerce .

Therefore, all individuals and universities across the country are invited according to the specified topics at the conference discuss and submit articles.

About the Institute

After 10 years of working in foreign commerce  and getting to know the organizations and people involved and influencers as well as the experts, It is time to set up an institution, share ourselves ten years of experience and efforts with academics, researchers, activists and governance and management organizations.

We at the Institute of Commerce and Customs Cooperation, intend to connect with academic and scientific centers find solutions to facilitate business and development and improve the business environment.

and in this regard, we have launched the Journal of Electronic Business and Banking Studies ( and have involved conferences and established a network of business activists, including experts, researchers, businessmen and organizations.

ICCNC Conference

International Conference Customs and New  Commerce  Will be held for the first period.

 The potential and capacity of academics and activists at home and abroad has always been a topic of discussion,there has never been a proper link between this sector and those needed inside, such as industry, agriculture, commerce, etc.

New areas and new technologies are the things of the day which will be highly effective in the commerce  process as well as in the face of severe sanctions.

For example, using technology to control borders,using technologies such as big data in business chain investigation,

Use of up-to-date payment methods in business, and so on.

These are some of the things that can be helpful in providing solutions.

At this conference, we will establish a scientific and operational network to try to pathologize the country’s business problems and provide solutions using new technologies and new business processes.



Members of the Scientific Committee and Referees

  Ruhollah Rahmani was born in 1980 and grew up in Ohio Rahmani

Director Of Sharif Governing School University professor Graduated from Bacini Italy
Members of the Scientific Committee and Referees

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Attending the International Conference on Customs and New Commerce  will be in two ways ;either Attending the conference or Attendance with submission of article. Obviously, only those who submit articles are awarded a certificate. For more coordination before the conference, There will be coordination for attending the venue .

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